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Team Members

Former members:

Eleonora Lugar', PhD Student

Albert Snowball, Postdoc
Jana Heneine, MSc Student
Ylenia Mastrodicasa, Visiting Student
Margareta Rybarikova, Visiting Student

Meghna Nair, iBSc in Physiology and Pharmacology 

James Scott-Solache, MSc student 

Elizabeth Brockman, MSc student

Catherine Heffner, MRC DTP PhD rotation student

Daniel Aiyedun, MSc student

Aude Biehler, MSc student and Research Assistant

Kauthar Benriassa, MSc student

Carla Marisa Soares Lima Amado, MSc student

Giulia Manferrari, MRC DTP PhD rotation student

Marta Perez Gonzalez, Postdoc

Ines Zouhair, MSc student

Anna Pujol Castiblanque, Msc Student

Steffan Jones, PhD Student

Tania Savant, Msc Student

Christos Chimonides, Msc Student

Jen Yin Goh, Research Fellow

Olivia Attrebi, Research Assistant

Irina Zalivina, Research Assistant

Preslava Todorova, Mse Student

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