Lab Members

Gabriele Lignani, PhD

Principal Investigator

Senior Research Fellow - Epilepsy Research UK

MRC New Investigator

eruk new.png

Marie-Curie Fellow, UCL

Research Associate, UCL

Postdoc, IIT (Italy) 

PhD in Experimental Neuroscience, University of Genoa (Italy) 

MSc in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, University of Genoa (Italy)

BSc in Medical Biotechnology, University of Milan (Italy)  

Jenna Carpenter

Research Associate

Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD program in Neuroscience at UCL  

BSc in Biochemistry, University of Sheffield

Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship, Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience 

Amanda Almacellas Barbanoj

Research Associate

co-supervised by Dr V. Magloire and Prof D. Kullmann

PhD at Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genova (Italy)

MSc in Cognitive Neurosciences, Radboud University, Donders Institute, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

BSc in Biomedical Sciences, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Jen Yin Goh

Research Associate

Joint PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery at University of Nottingham, UK and Monash University, Australia

BSc (Hons) Pharmacology, University of Manchester, UK

Nathanael O'Neill

Research Associate

PhD in Clinical Brain Science at University of Edinburgh, UK 

BMedSc (Hons) Medical Science, University of Birmingham, UK

Yichen Qiu

PhD student -MRC UCL-Birbeck DTP

co-supervised by Prof. D. Kullmann

Research assistant, UCL

MRes in Molecular and Cellular Bioscience, Imperial College London 

BSc Biochemistry, Imperial College London

Steffan Jones

PhD student -MRC UCL-Birbeck DTP

co-supervised by Prof. D. Kullmann

Clara Zourray

PhD student - Sir Jules Thorn Trust PhD Scholarship

co-supervised by Prof. S. Schorge and Prof. M. Kurian

Dual Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences, UCL / Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris)


BSc Neuroscience, King's College London

Thomas J. Turner

PhD student -MRC UCL-Birbeck DTP

co-supervised by Prof. D. Kullmann

4-years MSci Pharmacology, UCL 

Francisco Martins De Carvalho Moreira

Research Assistant

Dual Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences, UCL 


BSc Biomedical Science, King's College London

Irina Zalivina

Research Assistant

PhD, King's College London


Research Assistant, King's College London

Research Assistant, Imperial College

MSc Structural Molecular Biology, Birkbeck College

BSc Agricultural Technology, Novgorod University

Olivia Attrebi

Research Assistant. In collaboration with Professor Adrian Isaacs, UCL DRI

BSc Neuroscience at the University of Leeds

Christos Chimonides

MSc student, Clinical Neuroscience

Degree of Medicinne and Surgery, Sapienza Universita' di Roma, Italy

Tania Savant

MSc student, Clinical Neuroscience

BSc Neuroscience, University of St Andrews

Anna Pujol Castiblanque

MSc student, Brain and Mind Sciences 

BSc Biotechnology (Molecular Biotechnology), Universitat de Barcelonna

Former Members

Eleonora Lugara', PhD Student

Albert Snowball, Postdoc
Jana Heneine, MSc Student
Ylenia Mastrodicasa, Visiting Student
Margareta Rybarikova, Visiting Student

Meghna Nair, iBSc in Physiology and Pharmacology 

James Scott-Solache, MSc student 

Elizabeth Brockman, MSc student

Catherine Heffner, MRC DTP PhD rotation student

Giulia Manferrari, MRC DTP PhD rotation student

Marta Perez Gonzalez, Postdoc

Benito Maffei, Research Assistant

Ines Zouhair, MSc student

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