Experimental Epilepsy Seminar Series

Organised by

Dr. Gabriele Lignani and Professor Dimitri Kullmann

Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

For info: g.lignani@ucl.ac.uk or d.kullmann@ucl.ac.uk


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Program 2020-2021


Aug 5              Peyman Golshani

                        Title: Interneuron desynchronization and breakdown of long-term place cell stability in temporal                                           lobe epilepsy

Aug 19            Alfredo Gonzalez-Sulser

                        Title: Medial Septal GABAergic Neurons Reduce Seizure Durations Upon Wireless Optogenetic                                           Closed-Loop Stimulation in the Intrahippocampal Kainate Mouse Model of Temporal Lobe                                           Epilepsy


Sept 2             Andrew Trevelyan

                        Title: TBD


Sept 16           Not Assigned yet



Oct 7               Jeff Noebels

                       Title: Sparks, flames, and inferno: epileptogenesis in the glioblastoma microenvironment

Oct 21             Matthew Weston

                       Title: TBD


Nov 4              Michele Simonato

                        Title: Ex vivo gene therapy for epilepsy. Seizure-suppressant and neuroprotective effects of                                                   encapsulated GDNF-producing cells

Nov 18            Heinz Beck

                        Title: Targeting aberrant dendritic integration to treat cognitive comorbidities  of epilepsy


Dec 2              Kai Kaila  

                        Title: The many faces of KCC2 in the generation and suppression of seizures


Dec 16            Dirk Isbrandt

                        Title: Vulnerable periods of brain development in ion channelopathies



Jan 6               Karen Wilcox

                        Title: New Directions of the Epilepsy Therapy Screening Program


Jan 20             Liset de la Prida

                        Title: TBD


Feb 3               Christoph Schwarzer

                        Title: The Kappa Opioid Receptor as Potential Drug Target in TLE


Feb 17             Chris Dulla

                        Title: TBD


Mar 3              Ethan Goldberg

                        Title: Cellular/circuit dysfunction across development in a model of Dravet syndrome


Mar 17            Not assigned yet


April 7             Massimo Mantegazza

                        Title: SCN1A/Nav1.1 sodium channel: loss and gain of function in epilepsy and migraine


April 21           Not assigned yet


May 5              Angelique Bordey

                        Title: Understanding and treating epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis complex

May 19            Gaia Colasante

                        Title: TBD


Jun 2               Federico Zara

                        Title: TBD             


Jun 16             Jeanne Paz

                        Title: TBD


Jul 7                Holger Lerche

                        Title: TBD

Jul 21              Not assigned yet

Aug 4              Not assigned yet

Aug 18            Not assigned yet

Sept 1             Kevin Staley

                        Title: Overdrawn at the ion bank: brain injury, neuronal chloride levels, and seizures

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